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We’re all suffering in some way or form (physically, spiritually, financially, etc.).






Suffering simply means the act of going through hard times or troubles.






Even Jesus suffered during His time on earth all the way to His death on the cross.            His suffering was for you.






However, there is a type of suffering that is godly and a suffering that is worldly.






Godly suffering






 Jesus said that all His followers will have trouble in the world because they follow Him.






The Bible also says that those who want to live godly in Christ Jesus and enter the Kingdom of God must endure suffering.






Therefore, you will be given a hard time simply because of your faith.






This is godly suffering. Such suffering brings glory to God.






But don’t be discouraged. God always gives you His peace, joy, and strength to overcome those troubles!






In the end, God rewards you for your suffering.






Worldly suffering







Even if you’re not following Jesus, you will still have trouble because we live in a sinful, fallen world.






However, worldly suffering is brought on by immoral lifestyles.






Those in the world are suffering simply because they have no faith in Christ and are outside of God’s will.


Such suffering brings glory to the devil.






Those in the world have no peace, joy or strength to successfully overcome their troubles.






There are no rewards in the end for worldly suffering. Just more suffering.






They must first repent of their sins and call on God through faith in Jesus Christ.






Then God will hear and save them from their suffering.






WARNING: Don’t pray for suffering, godly or worldly. Just embrace and prepare, if or when it comes.












Check Out: John 16:33,  Acts 14:22,  2 Timothy 3:12