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Losing 2 Gain








  To God be the Glory through His Son Jesus Christ







To give God glory means to give Him all the credit and attention.






Start the day off blessing and thanking God. It’s by His grace you’re alive.






We don’t deserve to see this day or to experience His grace; so please humble yourself and give glory and honor to God in the name of Jesus Christ each day.






You don’t know when your time to live is over. Make sure you’re right with the Lord, so you can be with Him for all eternity.


To be right with God, you must confess your sins to Him and put your faith in Jesus everyday.






Tomorrow is not promised. Somebody didn’t wake up today. Somebody woke up into a painful eternity without God’s presence, grace, & mercy surrounding them.






Don’t take His grace for granted. Cherish it. Make Jesus your treasure.




We’re at War




 Each day is a new battle because we’re in a war (spiritually, physically); but especially spiritually since we do not war against flesh and blood, but against principalities, powers, & forces of evil and darkness in the heavenly places (Ephesians 6:12).






Put on God’s armor by praying for yourself. It’s not selfish to pray for yourself if it’s in God will and not for worldly or material things for selfish purposes (such as a million dollar sports car or expensive designer clothing to show off).






You must & should pray for yourself. Pray for God to renew & restore you, for your faith to be strengthened, peace & any other area you need help in your life.






How will you fight & win a war without your armor on? What soldier goes to war without his armor and weaponry?






Of course the battle is the Lord’s (1 Samuel 17:47) and He will fight & win for you. But you must do your part by giving Him your free will, prayers, faith, and seeking Him in His Word.






 Losing Hindrances 2 Gain Freedom




What’s hindering you?






A hindrance is simply a thing or person that distracts or gets in the way of a goal in your life.






Get away or give up the hindrances in your life. Sacrifice them to God and let Him take care of it for you.






You’ll start to realize how much more freedom you gain when you give them to God. Also, you will hear God’s voice more clearly (through promptings, heart impressions, prophetic words, the Bible, etc).






Hindrances are burdensome and a form of bondage. They’re strongholds.






If you’re not sure what’s a hindrance in your life ask God and He will show you.






God can remove them if you let Him and if you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. If you don’t know Jesus, then you will continue to have hindrances due to your sin of not knowing Christ Jesus.






There’s abundant peace and freedom with God when you let go and dwell in His presence.






Check Out: 1 Peter 5:7,  2 Corinthians 3:17










Losing You 2 Gain You







Identity-     “Be who God created you to be”.





He’s the Potter, you’re the clay. Let Him mold you. You’re His creation.






People (family, friends, etc.) may try to get you to conform to their ways, ideas, and standards. Even if their ways may seem right, it’s either not right or it’s simply not God’s best & perfect will and path for you.






The personality you have is the personality God gave you before birth. He’s the One that fashions you and knew you before you were born & before you were created in your mother’s womb.






Know yourself (your limitations, strengths, weaknesses, likes/dislikes, interests, personality types you can handle).

Most importantly, Know Who You Are In Christ.






If you’re not sure of who you are in Christ, then Jesus will help & give you an identity in Him. Ask Him. He will reveal to you what His calling and identity is for you. Trust & obey Him.






God has plans for you that will not harm you, but will give you a good future and hope (Jeremiah 29:11).






Calling -  Be who God called you to be”






We all have a calling. God said that He knew you before you were born and that He has plans for you concerning your future and to give you hope.






To have a calling simply means to be set out to do something; kind of like an assignment in life designed by God just for you.






God’s plans for you make up His calling for you.






Unfortunately, many people are not living out their calling. No wonder they appear miserable and dissatisfied (which shows in their behavior & attitude) because they’re in the wrong calling.






You’ll know you’re in the right calling when you have so much peace, enjoyment, and desire for what you do. You’ll be driven to do it & passionate about it.






You’ll love it because it’s so satisfying and fulfilling. You won’t care about how much it pays because it’s worth doing. You’re not in it for the money, but yet you will be taken care of no matter what because where God guides, He provides.






When you’re in His calling, you’ll trust and know that He’s in control and will meet your needs.






Your calling should not be too burdensome and miserable for you. God would never call you into something and make it painful where you can’t do it. He’s not the author of confusion, but of peace.






Of course, you’ll meet challenges but they won’t or shouldn’t be overwhelming to the point where you regret your calling.






It’s only when you’re not in your calling, that you experience overwhelming challenges, pain, stress, & heavy burdens (physically & spiritually).






But in your calling, you love it so much that you don’t worry about the costs of doing it or the risks & dangers involved. If you’re a believer in Christ Jesus, then you know that the Lord is with you wherever you go. Again, where God guides, He provides.






Warning: Don’t be deceived. If you love doing something that is obviously not of God, wicked & sinful then that is not God’s calling, but the devil’s calling.






Yes, the devil has a calling on your life too. His calling is to steal, kill, & destroy you from God’s call on your life & from having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.


So if you’re not living out God’s calling on your life, you’re automatically living in the devil’s call on you.






Whose calling will you answer?






Please, I pray you find your calling, which can only, truly, be found in Jesus Christ. In Him is the fulfillment of all you need in life. In Him, He’ll make you a new creation; a new, better, you!






Check Out:  2 Corinthians 5:17,   Romans 11:29






Losing Unforgiveness 2 Gain Forgiveness








Do those words strike a nerve or make you uncomfortable?






You’re not alone.






But that doesn’t mean it’s okay to be unforgiving.






Understand that forgiveness & unforgiveness are spirits. You can’t see them, but you can feel them & see their actions on your life and others.






Spirits can leave or enter your body; so be careful of what spirit you’re allowing in.






Forgiveness simply means letting go of any anger or bitterness (bad vibes, pain) against someone due to their actions towards you. Unforgiveness simply means the opposite (the act of holding anger and bitterness).






Sometimes, we hold unforgiveness at what someone else did wrong to others. Or, we can have unforgiveness towards ourselves. Is that you?





 It Takes Time


 Once you forgive, make sure you stay in forgiveness.


The process of forgiveness is not always easy, but it’s not impossible.






While there are some people or things we can easily let go of, there are some others that takes longer to forgive and is ongoing.






The process depends on us and our will. Do you want to let go and move forward?






If so, then Dr. Jesus will cure and perform an open-heart surgery on you. But you must give Him your will. He’ll show you how to let go and move on.






There’s so many ways to forgive. What works for someone might not work for you. God will show you.






Spend time with God in His Word & in prayer, then watch Him move on your heart.






Sometimes forgiveness might involve confrontation or not. God knows what you can handle and will not let something overtake you, if you leave it to Him to fix.






But if you don’t first seek Him in prayer & His Word, then you’ll mess up the forgiveness process or something can go wrong.






Without Jesus, you’ll fail every time & the situation will worsen.






It’s important to seek His perfect will in every situation in your life. ( Don’t beat yourself up when you don’t. He’ll guide you back if you let Him. We’re not going to always perfectly follow in His perfect will, but we’ll be more perfect than we were before).






Spotting Unforgiveness








How can you tell if you have unforgiveness in you or traces of it left in you?






You can tell when the remembrance of what happened brings anger or discomfort (bitterness, pain, fear, etc.) in your heart and spirit.






It’s not the remembrance part that’s a sign of unforgiveness, it’s the negative feelings or emotions you have because of remembering.






That’s why when you forgive; you should also forget too. You can’t do it successfully on your own, however. You need Christ Jesus’ help.






Forgiveness doesn’t always mean you have to put up with the person or keep doing business with them ( unless you’re married) or approve of their actions; because some people you can’t be around because they might cause you to stumble in your process.






As for relationships such as marriage or family, co-workers, or situations like these where you can’t just walk out right away or at all, might call for another resolution. These such people are those whom you have to do business with because of a commitment or contract.






Don’t worry, Dr. Jesus is the cure and will still provide a way, if you’re willing to let Him.






I’m no expert on marriage, but if you’re in constant abuse or being abused on the job or elsewhere, which makes forgiving nearly impossible for you to do, and if you can’t talk & work it out, then it’s best that you get away from them & forgive from a distance. Again, ALWAYS seek the LORD first before you act.










Forgiveness is Freedom








Example: Jesus gave several examples of forgiveness through parables. In Matthew 18: 21-35, it speaks about servants who were in debt to their Master (creditor). But the Master forgave (let go) and freed them of their debt.






When someone does you wrong, they're your debtors and you're the creditor. Release them!






You forgive them by freeing them of their debt (wrongs) to you. When you do that, you are free too.






Forgiveness frees you. It frees you from the negative feelings and hurt.






When you pay off your real debt to a real debt collector or creditor agency, do you continue to do business with them? NO! Once you paid, you're done with them. Both of you have moved on.






Let the person go and move on from them.






Bad Credit




 Sometimes when you can’t pay your real debt, it stays on file for a number of years & eventually (sometimes) it’s discharged or canceled in some instances. It may mess up your credit background, but at least it’s forgiven and canceled.






Those who wronged you may have bad credit (wrongs) history with you which prevents you from associating with them, but at least you’ve let them go.






When you let go, God lets go of your offenses (bad credit) towards Him.






We’re All in Debt







We’re all in an unpayable debt to God because of our sins. Yet we still owe Him.






The only settlement God will take is your repentance (turn from sins), forgiveness of others, and faith in Jesus Christ to clear your debt.






So if He will forgive you & show mercy, then we must do the same to others.






Forgiveness is Peace, Unforgiveness is Cancer








You’ll feel better & peace when you let go.






Unforgiveness can turn into a cancer or another horrible feeling or sickness.










Don’t wait for the person to apologize before you forgive them. Also, don’t wait to find the person to tell them you forgive them.












Forgiveness starts in the heart.






Although hearing an apology is refreshing because we feel that it’s owed to us, you can’t take a risk like that.






Trick of the Devil






If you’re waiting for an apology, you won’t get it.






That’s a trick of the devil: to get you to wait and hold that unforgiveness in your heart until you die, so that you’ll end up in Hell.






Even worse, what if that person you’re angry with repents, gets saved, & goes to Heaven while you’re in Hell for having unforgiveness towards them? That’s messed up, huh?












But it’s reality & many people are in Hell for that reason. Don’t let that be you, please.






Don’t let anyone or anything cause you to be separated from God for all eternity.






That person might not feel they owe you an apology, don’t care, forgotten you or what they did to you. Or, they may be dead or in prison or far away so that you can’t approach them.






You can’t wait! Let go today.






Do it for You







Forgive, forget, and move on for your sake.






Then, perhaps, if they’re alive, maybe they will apologize to you one day. But don’t bet on it or wait for them to do so.






To help me forgive others, I pray a blessing over them. This helps me to stay in forgiveness towards them. Whenever that unforgiving spirit tries to return, I go back to blessing that person until that spirit goes away.






God will show you how to let go. Call on His Son Jesus and He will answer & deliver you.






He’s faithful to His Word & will be faithful to you.






Check Out:  Matthew 18:21-35






God is Holy








What does it mean to be holy? Or what is holiness?






It simply means to be set apart.


Therefore, one who is holy must be treated carefully.






Think of a special treasure, diamond, or something of high value to you (expensive clothing, hairstyle, china dish, etc.).






Would you treat that valuable item as if it was trash or mud?  No way you wouldn’t!


Of course not! You wouldn’t throw your pearls before swine because they’re precious to you.






God is the same way. He has the same feelings as we do. After all, we were created in His image.






Except, He’s more Holy and has higher standards & expectations and deserves all the attention, glory, praise, honor, worship, respect, and special, royal treatment.






God is Holy and so must His followers be too






 We are to esteem & value God and our relationship with Him in the same way and more.






His name is holy & we’re not to say it in vain (wave it around or use as a cuss word).






We’re taking His name in vain if we’re not talking or singing to Him or about Him.






It’s not that God is a mean God whom you can’t approach concerning issues in your life or doesn’t seem to care; nor is He a boring God that makes serving Him a chore and a miserable duty.






We live in a fallen, sinful world controlled by the devil. And in order to have fellowship with God, be in His protection, & eventually live eternally with Him in Heaven, we must worship Him through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and walk in holiness.






Only the Blood of Jesus on the basis of your faith & by God’s grace can make you holy.






You are a precious jewel to God. A rare find. A special treasure. More valuable than a diamond or a gold mine.






Therefore, be holy in your lifestyle (manners, behaviors, attitudes, speech, clothing, etc.).






This will show the world that you are unique & set apart (holy) for God.






We’re not to be like the world, the world is supposed to be like us. Be holy!






Check Out:  Leviticus 19:2,   1 Peter 1:13-16






Losing Pride 2 Gain Humility








God hates pride, but loves humility. In His Word, He destroyed anyone who was prideful and gave grace to the humble.






To have humility simply means to keep a low-profile or be low-key; to not purposefully stand out to be seen. Pride is the exact opposite.






Being humble means not always trying to be right or get the last word. Even if you are right, you won’t brag, but will swallow your pride and be gentle about your wisdom.






Unless it’s serious (such as a courtroom matter in which you’re under oath and must be right or a similar setting), a humble person for the sake of peace would rather choose to be “wrong” & walk away.






Humble people love and pursue peace always.






Humbleness can also sometimes mean saying you’re sorry (even if it’s not your fault); except for when it’s a life-or-death situation.




 What Humility is Not




 That is not true humility if you purposefully take blame for someone else’s crimes. Don’t do that!






Being humble does not mean being pushed around or used as a doormat for others to walk all over.






That’s a trick of the devil to fool you!






That’s false humility & a trap set by Satan to enslave you and make your life miserable.






You don’t have to be a people-pleaser to show that you are a humble servant. Do good deeds for others, but don’t overdo it.






Humility does NOT mean having low self-esteem. You can be confident (in Christ), bold, and strong and yet still be humble. Jesus did it. He walked in total authority and humility. It is possible.






 One Step at a Time




 Humility is one step at a time & an on-going process. You won’t be perfectly humble or selfless in one day. Don’t beat yourself if you mess up. Let Jesus guide you.






We won’t perfectly match or be equal to Jesus in our lifestyles (after all, He is God) but we follow His example and pattern our lives after Him.






Humility requires more listening in the conversation & less talking.






It means willing to hold your peace and yielding to God first and to authorities, whether you want to or not.






Humility does not mean degrading yourself. It is one thing to admit you did wrong, but do not speak curses over or belittle yourself. That’s not true humility!






Quit Trying to be Perfect and Relax!






 You don’t have to be too politically correct or perfect to the max; not every “t” needs to be crossed and every “i “ dotted.  However, that doesn’t mean you stop being responsible, pursuing justice, or correcting a mistake.






We’re all human. So show grace towards others and yourself. It’s a process & eventually the goal will be reached.












If you want to be more humble, ask God to help you. He will show you because that’s His will for you.










If you choose not to humble yourself and remain prideful, then God will humble you        (and you won’t like it).






Humble yourself or God will do it for You




 There’s a difference between humbling yourself and God humbling you.






Humbling yourself shows you’re letting God be in control and He will be gracious to you.






But if you choose to be prideful and forget that God is in control, then He will humble you by taking away things from you without your permission.






That’s why you should humble yourself (and God will help you); but don’t cause God to force you to be humble.


It doesn’t matter who you are. God commands humility from all. Even kings must be humble or suffer the consequences.






In the Bible, God humbled every evil & prideful king or nation by dethroning and destroying them.






When you humble yourself, God will exalt you (lift you up) in His timing.






Check Out: Proverbs 16:18, 1 Peter 5:5








Losing Complications 2 Gain Simplicity














To complicate things simply means to make things harder to do or understand.


Simplicity is the exact opposite.






When you go beyond your physical, mental or spiritual ability, you have made it complicated.






Our job is not to figure out everything in life; including, not figuring out God.






Good and Evil, Love and Hate are types of complicated things to understand.






Some things in life will remain complicated (hard to understand).






So quit trying to understand everything. It will only add confusion, craziness, and pain to your life when you cannot figure it all out.






If you know to do good, then do it. If you know it’s bad, then just don’t do it.






Plain and Super Simple.






Learn from Jesus. Take His yoke and burdens for they are easy and light (simple).






Let God be God and leave all the details & figuring out to Him. Nothing’s too complicated for Him!






Check Out: Matthew 11:28-30








Losing Fear 2 Gain Faith










 Faith simply means being sure you’re going to get what you hoped and prayed for without the evidence that you have it.






In other words, you believe it without seeing it. You don’t wait to see it first, then believe it. Believing is “seeing” rather than seeing is believing when you have faith.






When you have faith, you are hoping (waiting positively) for something to happen.






Check your heart and motives because if you’re having faith for something hurtful, evil, or dangerous then you won’t get it. Certainly, not by God!






Be careful of what you pray for & what you’re having faith for.










 Fear is the opposite. It’s bad faith.






Fear means to wait negatively and be afraid for something to happen.






Unfortunately, what you fear for ends up happening because you put so much energy & attention to it.






It involves torment (stress, depression, etc.) (1 John 4:18)






Watch Out!






 Faith is what the devil is after because faith helps you to overcome fear and gain victory over through Jesus Christ.






Fear is one of Satan’s biggest weapons against your faith.






Satan will use fear and problems to attack your faith. So hold on to your faith!






Faith is Powerful and Pleasing to God






 Take authority over the devil by using the Bible & faith that God hears you and is with you, then he (the devil) will leave you alone and will be defeated in your situation & life.






God knows your needs and circumstances. However, it is your faith and obedience that moves Him.






Faith pleases God, not your good works, money, or anything else.






Don’t Talk it, Walk it!






 Faith without works is dead (James 2:17). It requires action. Or else, it’s not true faith.






For example, if you have faith God will meet your need in getting a job, then you must take action by searching for work diligently and putting out resumes.


A job is not going to land on your lap or knock at your door always (although, there are and have been times in which God will show up supernaturally).






You can’t wait around passively. Pray, put action in your faith, and wait for His response.






If you have faith God will feed you, then buy or fix yourself something to eat, seek assistance (church, food pantries, government, relatives, friends, etc.), or get a job.






Sometimes, when you don’t have success in those areas, then God will show up in supernatural ways (such as a surprise check in the mail or nice strangers [or angels in disguises] giving you money or food, or another way.






God knows your need already. He just wants you to realize that He’s in control & that He’s your provider.






You show Him that through your active faith which is followed by your obedience to Him.






Some people have faith in faith (meaning they believe that faith works, but won’t put into action).






Talk is cheap. Don’t talk the talk. God wants you to walk your talk. That’s simply what faith is.










Faith does not mean doing something dangerous, deadly, or foolish (unless it’s evangelism).






Don’t put God to the test. Seek Him first through prayer and get wisdom.






Check Out:  Hebrews 11, James 2:17, 2 Timothy 1:7






                                    Lose the Doormat 2 Gain the Blessing








Are you a blessing or a doormat?






To be a blessing simply means to be a big help. It can also mean to make a positive impact, influence, & inspiration on someone’s life which caused them to change for the better.






Those who walk in Christ are blessed to be a blessing.






We are used by God to be a vessel of blessings to others while being blessed ourselves.






However, being a blessing does not mean being a doormat.






A doormat is one who gets walked over by others while trying to be helpful.






God does not bless us to be doormats. After all, those in Christ are children of a royal, majestic King!






Yes, if you’re in Christ, you are royalty. We’re the head, not the tail.






Although it’s our role to lead others to the Door (Jesus), we’re not to let others treat us like doormats. That’s not God’s will.






Watch Out!






Unfortunately, there are people in this world who have or will try to manipulate or deceive you with their stories or emotions to get something out of you; especially if they know you are a believer in Jesus Christ.






Pray and ask God to direct you in whom to bless or how to be blessing.






Pray for discernment (telling the difference between good and evil).






Sometimes the person you’re helping may have good intentions, but might develop a habit of seeking your help too much instead of God’s.






Watch out for this. Regardless of whether it’s a problem for you or not, it’s a problem to God.






It’s a problem because that person starts treating you as the source of their help.






Only God is The Source






 Our dependency should always be God.






He not only makes us a blessing, but He blesses us so that others will glorify Him & come to His Son Jesus.






Jesus is our permanent Help (if we remain obedient to Him).






We’re only a short help to lead others to the Big Help.










If we let ourselves be overused & allow others to look to us constantly without stopping the matter, then it could lead to idolatry (putting something or someone before or over God).












Everyone must learn to go after God & lean on Him through their own free will.






Our God is a jealous God.






God will use us as a guide, coach, or nurse just to get that person back on the right track through serving, ministering, being the hands & feet of Jesus, & sharing or teaching them the Gospel of Jesus Christ.






That’s what we’re called to do: be a blessing!






Check Out: Deuteronomy 28






                                              Losing Empty Talk 2 Gain a Prayerful One







Empty talk simply means talk that is useless and unimportant. Gossip is empty talk.






Gossip involves engaging in hurtful talk about someone who’s not present.






Simply, any talk that’s not Christ-centered or Biblical is empty talk.






The Gospel is all that matters.






Prayer is simply the act of talking to God ( in the name of Jesus Christ); whether you’re asking Him for something, thanking Him, or having a conversation with Him. You can even sing your prayers or pray in the mind (meditation).






When you don’t have the words to pray, you may pray in the Spirit (speak in tongues).






Oh the power of prayer! A prayerful life is a powerful one!






Check Out: Proverbs 18:21, James 5:16, 1 Thessalonians 5:17






                                         Losing Excess 2 Gain Balance







Ever heard the term “excess baggage”? What about gluttony?






They’re just about the same; in regards to having too much (quantity/quality).






Gluttony simply means just that: having too much (excess) to the point where it gets out of hand (uncontrollable).






Although we should have our needs met; God doesn’t intend for us to be gluttons.






Don’t get it wrong; lack is also not godly. Lack is the exact opposite of gluttony. It simply means to have too little or nothing (poverty).






Both are extremities and excess baggage (physically, spiritually, & financially) on the human soul.






Let Jesus Carry your Bags






 Jesus Christ will remove the baggage because they are yokes & burdens placed on by Satan the devil to keep you from having freedom in Christ.






Gluttony and lack negatively affects your faith in Christ.






Gluttons put their faith in their possessions to get through life.






Those in lack are or can find it hard to have faith to be strong.






Thus, both groups are burdened & blinded by the Enemy to distract them from having balance and victory in Jesus.






Jesus said He will give you His burden (which is light) and yoke (which is easy).






Seek Balance




To have balance means to keep from going to the extremes, in regards to the issues in your life. In other words, to stay in the middle of the extremes.






Now, there are times in which God will call you to the extremities, such as being radical for Christ and having extreme faith.






When it’s God-driven, it’s acceptable.






Lack in Sin







When it comes to lack, the only thing we should lack is sin in our lives.






That’s a good lack to have, because the wages of sin is death (leads to Hell).






Stay away (repent) from sins, so the devil’s power can also be lacking in your life.










There are things in our lives that are not supposed to be there (i.e. all forms of wickedness) and we can’t or shouldn’t play or engage in them at all.






Balance does not mean living half holy and half evil.






It doesn’t mean following Christ half the time and the world on the other half.






Jesus gives you Balance






Come to Jesus Christ & He will show you how to truly balance your life & remove all that doesn’t need to be there.






Check Out: Psalm 23:1, Philippians 4:19









                                              Losing Defeat 2 Gain Victory













Are you feeling like the odds are against you?






Feel beaten down by the world or even by the church?






You don’t have to. Take Authority!






To take authority simply means to be in control and have power over the issues/problems affecting you.






If you’re a believer in Christ, then know your rights! Jesus gave us (His believers) all power and authority over the devil & our problems.






You’ve Got the Victory in Christ







In Christ, you can do all things & defeat whatever bothers you.






In Christ, you have the victory and you are an over comer & more than a conqueror.






Know Your Enemy







Your #1 enemy is Satan & the demons, always. That’s where the defeat is coming from.






People are not the real enemies, but since Satan is a spirit, he uses people. We can’t see him, but we see his actions through them and are quick to fight & hurt others.






Of course, we should create distances between ourselves & others because Satan will try to use them to attack you.






Sometimes, we even have to end communication with others if you know the devil is using them to bring you down to defeat.






That’s what defeat simply means: to feel like you lost, beat down, over-stressed, depressed, brought down.






God wants you to have Victory







That’s not God’s will or His best for you to have defeat.






If you’re not a follower of Christ, then you won’t experience total victory.






True, there are non-believers who have much power & success in their lives. But they most likely had to work hard out of their own strength, got it through wrong way, or will only have it temporarily.






With Christ, all you have to do is believe and call on Jesus. He will defeat the situation & get the victory for you.






Victory simply means success and when good things come out of a situation.






When you’re victorious, you’re supposed to experience peace, confidence, and hope again.






Check Out: Romans 8:37, Luke 10:19











                          Losing Worldly Suffering 2 Gain Godly Suffering







We’re all suffering in some way or form (physically, spiritually, financially, etc.).






Suffering simply means the act of going through hard times or troubles.






Even Jesus suffered during His time on earth all the way to His death on the cross.            His suffering was for you.






However, there is a type of suffering that is godly and a suffering that is worldly.






Godly suffering






 Jesus said that all His followers will have trouble in the world because they follow Him.






The Bible also says that those who want to live godly in Christ Jesus and enter the Kingdom of God must endure suffering.






Therefore, you will be given a hard time simply because of your faith.






This is godly suffering. Such suffering brings glory to God.






But don’t be discouraged. God always gives you His peace, joy, and strength to overcome those troubles!






In the end, God rewards you for your suffering.






Worldly suffering







Even if you’re not following Jesus, you will still have trouble because we live in a sinful, fallen world.






However, worldly suffering is brought on by immoral lifestyles.






Those in the world are suffering simply because they have no faith in Christ and are outside of God’s will.


Such suffering brings glory to the devil.






Those in the world have no peace, joy or strength to successfully overcome their troubles.






There are no rewards in the end for worldly suffering. Just more suffering.






They must first repent of their sins and call on God through faith in Jesus Christ.






Then God will hear and save them from their suffering.






WARNING: Don’t pray for suffering, godly or worldly. Just embrace and prepare, if or when it comes.












Check Out: John 16:33,  Acts 14:22,  2 Timothy 3:12










                                                             Lose Grief 2 Gain Comfort







Grief simply means having much sadness; usually over the loss of someone or something special.






It’s a spirit and if it’s not controlled, it can take over you and open the door to depression and other evil spirits.






Yes, there’s a time to weep and grieve for the appropriate occasion; but don’t let it become your life and grip your soul.






Don’t make it a stronghold.






Give your Grief to Jesus






Give your sadness and depression to Jesus and He will give you peace and comfort.






He said “blessed are those who weep, for they shall be comforted”.






Comfort simply means being at rest & peace (even during hard, sad times).






Jesus is the answer to your problems.






There are many ways He can heal, comfort, and help you get over the grief. (Note: Getting over the grief doesn’t mean you forget the person you lost. It’s only to let go of that grief spirit).






One of the ways is by seeking Jesus more.






Seek God through His Word, prayer, church involvement, and other godly activities.






Example of handling Grief




The way I’ve gotten through grief was by staying busy for the Lord and continuing my daily routine.






I didn’t change my regular schedule; except for when I had to make trips to the funeral home for arrangements and attending the funeral service of my mom.






Other than that, I kept putting Jesus first and faithfully going to Bible study, church, outreaches, etc. nonstop.






God used that to heal me & if you call on Him in the Name of Jesus, then He will help you lose the grief to gain comfort.






Check Out: Psalm 30:5, Philippians 4:7










                                                                     Lose Hate 2 Gain Love







Stop the Hate







To hate simply means to not want the good or best for someone.






When someone is filled with hate, they tend to wish bad things (curse) on a person or not care if something bad happens to them.






It’s okay not to like someone, but it’s not okay to hate.






You can dislike someone, but still love them.






To like someone means you’re interested in them or find something interesting about them.






Learn to Love







To love simply means you want the good or best for that person and care about them.






You don’t have to be “friends” or be around that person or tell them how you feel (especially if it makes you uncomfortable).






You love them from your heart and actions.






An action can be simply praying for or blessing them.






Love in action does not always have to be a phone call, flowers, money, or gifts (though, those things are okay too, if you’re comfortable with doing that).






Like vs. Love







It’s possible to like someone and hate them. Like doesn’t always mean loving.






The Devil likes you in a sense that he’d like to steal, kill and destroy you; which is not loving.


So he’ll tempt you with worldly things in exchange for your soul.






Loving is telling someone the truth if it’s going to help them or if it’s something they need to know.






You might like someone, but if you can’t or won’t be truthful with them about a serious matter, then you don’t really love them.






God is Love







If you’re finding it hard to love someone, then ask Jesus who is Love.






God is Love so He can help you in the Name of Jesus.






If you want to lose the hate to gain love, then believe in Jesus and He will give you the power to do it!






Check Out: 1 Corinthians 13