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 Faith simply means being sure you’re going to get what you hoped and prayed for without the evidence that you have it.




In other words, you believe it without seeing it. You don’t wait to see it first, then believe it. Believing is “seeing” rather than seeing is believing when you have faith.





When you have faith, you are hoping (waiting positively) for something to happen.




Check your heart and motives because if you’re having faith for something hurtful, evil, or dangerous then you won’t get it. Certainly, not by God!





Be careful of what you pray for & what you’re having faith for.







 Fear is the opposite. It’s bad faith.




Fear means to wait negatively and be afraid for something to happen.





Unfortunately, what you fear for ends up happening because you put so much energy & attention to it.




It involves torment (stress, depression, etc.) (1 John 4:18)






Watch Out!






 Faith is what the devil is after because faith helps you to overcome fear and gain victory over through Jesus Christ.






Fear is one of Satan’s biggest weapons against your faith.






Satan will use fear and problems to attack your faith. So hold on to your faith!






Faith is Powerful and Pleasing to God






 Take authority over the devil by using the Bible & faith that God hears you and is with you, then he (the devil) will leave you alone and will be defeated in your situation & life.






God knows your needs and circumstances. However, it is your faith and obedience that moves Him.






Faith pleases God, not your good works, money, or anything else.






Don’t Talk it, Walk it!






 Faith without works is dead (James 2:17). It requires action. Or else, it’s not true faith.






For example, if you have faith God will meet your need in getting a job, then you must take action by searching for work diligently and putting out resumes.


A job is not going to land on your lap or knock at your door always (although, there are and have been times in which God will show up supernaturally).






You can’t wait around passively. Pray, put action in your faith, and wait for His response.






If you have faith God will feed you, then buy or fix yourself something to eat, seek assistance (church, food pantries, government, relatives, friends, etc.), or get a job.






Sometimes, when you don’t have success in those areas, then God will show up in supernatural ways (such as a surprise check in the mail or nice strangers [or angels in disguises] giving you money or food, or another way.






God knows your need already. He just wants you to realize that He’s in control & that He’s your provider.






You show Him that through your active faith which is followed by your obedience to Him.






Some people have faith in faith (meaning they believe that faith works, but won’t put into action).






Talk is cheap. Don’t talk the talk. God wants you to walk your talk. That’s simply what faith is.










Faith does not mean doing something dangerous, deadly, or foolish (unless it’s evangelism).






Don’t put God to the test. Seek Him first through prayer and get wisdom.






Check Out:  Hebrews 11, James 2:17, 2 Timothy 1:7