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 Stop the Hate




To hate simply means to not want the good or best for someone.





When someone is filled with hate, they tend to wish bad things (curse) on a person or not care if something bad happens to them.




It’s okay not to like someone, but it’s not okay to hate.






You can dislike someone, but still love them.






To like someone means you’re interested in them or find something interesting about them.






Learn to Love







To love simply means you want the good or best for that person and care about them.






You don’t have to be “friends” or be around that person or tell them how you feel (especially if it makes you uncomfortable).






You love them from your heart and actions.






An action can be simply praying for or blessing them.






Love in action does not always have to be a phone call, flowers, money, or gifts (though, those things are okay too, if you’re comfortable with doing that).






Like vs. Love







It’s possible to like someone and hate them. Like doesn’t always mean loving.






The Devil likes you in a sense that he’d like to steal, kill and destroy you; which is not loving.


So he’ll tempt you with worldly things in exchange for your soul.






Loving is telling someone the truth if it’s going to help them or if it’s something they need to know.






You might like someone, but if you can’t or won’t be truthful with them about a serious matter, then you don’t really love them.






God is Love







If you’re finding it hard to love someone, then ask Jesus who is Love.






God is Love so He can help you in the Name of Jesus.






If you want to lose the hate to gain love, then believe in Jesus and He will give you the power to do it!






Check Out: 1 Corinthians 13