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Ever heard the term “excess baggage”? What about gluttony?






They’re just about the same; in regards to having too much (quantity/quality).






Gluttony simply means just that: having too much (excess) to the point where it gets out of hand (uncontrollable).






Although we should have our needs met; God doesn’t intend for us to be gluttons.






Don’t get it wrong; lack is also not godly. Lack is the exact opposite of gluttony. It simply means to have too little or nothing (poverty).






Both are extremities and excess baggage (physically, spiritually, & financially) on the human soul.






Let Jesus Carry your Bags






 Jesus Christ will remove the baggage because they are yokes & burdens placed on by Satan the devil to keep you from having freedom in Christ.






Gluttony and lack negatively affects your faith in Christ.






Gluttons put their faith in their possessions to get through life.






Those in lack are or can find it hard to have faith to be strong.






Thus, both groups are burdened & blinded by the Enemy to distract them from having balance and victory in Jesus.






Jesus said He will give you His burden (which is light) and yoke (which is easy).






Seek Balance




To have balance means to keep from going to the extremes, in regards to the issues in your life. In other words, to stay in the middle of the extremes.






Now, there are times in which God will call you to the extremities, such as being radical for Christ and having extreme faith.






When it’s God-driven, it’s acceptable.






Lack in Sin







When it comes to lack, the only thing we should lack is sin in our lives.






That’s a good lack to have, because the wages of sin is death (leads to Hell).






Stay away (repent) from sins, so the devil’s power can also be lacking in your life.










There are things in our lives that are not supposed to be there (i.e. all forms of wickedness) and we can’t or shouldn’t play or engage in them at all.






Balance does not mean living half holy and half evil.






It doesn’t mean following Christ half the time and the world on the other half.






Jesus gives you Balance






Come to Jesus Christ & He will show you how to truly balance your life & remove all that doesn’t need to be there.






Check Out: Psalm 23:1, Philippians 4:19