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 To complicate things simply means to make things harder to do or understand.


Simplicity is the exact opposite.






When you go beyond your physical, mental or spiritual ability, you have made it complicated.






Our job is not to figure out everything in life; including, not figuring out God.






Good and Evil, Love and Hate are types of complicated things to understand.






Some things in life will remain complicated (hard to understand).






So quit trying to understand everything. It will only add confusion, craziness, and pain to your life when you cannot figure it all out.






If you know to do good, then do it. If you know it’s bad, then just don’t do it.






Plain and Super Simple.






Learn from Jesus. Take His yoke and burdens for they are easy and light (simple).






Let God be God and leave all the details & figuring out to Him. Nothing’s too complicated for Him!






Check Out: Matthew 11:28-30