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God hates pride, but loves humility. In His Word, He destroyed anyone who was prideful and gave grace to the humble.






To have humility simply means to keep a low-profile or be low-key; to not purposefully stand out to be seen. Pride is the exact opposite.






Being humble means not always trying to be right or get the last word. Even if you are right, you won’t brag, but will swallow your pride and be gentle about your wisdom.






Unless it’s serious (such as a courtroom matter in which you’re under oath and must be right or a similar setting), a humble person for the sake of peace would rather choose to be “wrong” & walk away.






Humble people love and pursue peace always.






Humbleness can also sometimes mean saying you’re sorry (even if it’s not your fault); except for when it’s a life-or-death situation.




 What Humility is Not




 That is not true humility if you purposefully take blame for someone else’s crimes. Don’t do that!






Being humble does not mean being pushed around or used as a doormat for others to walk all over.






That’s a trick of the devil to fool you!






That’s false humility & a trap set by Satan to enslave you and make your life miserable.






You don’t have to be a people-pleaser to show that you are a humble servant. Do good deeds for others, but don’t overdo it.






Humility does NOT mean having low self-esteem. You can be confident (in Christ), bold, and strong and yet still be humble. Jesus did it. He walked in total authority and humility. It is possible.






 One Step at a Time




 Humility is one step at a time & an on-going process. You won’t be perfectly humble or selfless in one day. Don’t beat yourself if you mess up. Let Jesus guide you.






We won’t perfectly match or be equal to Jesus in our lifestyles (after all, He is God) but we follow His example and pattern our lives after Him.






Humility requires more listening in the conversation & less talking.






It means willing to hold your peace and yielding to God first and to authorities, whether you want to or not.






Humility does not mean degrading yourself. It is one thing to admit you did wrong, but do not speak curses over or belittle yourself. That’s not true humility!






Quit Trying to be Perfect and Relax!






 You don’t have to be too politically correct or perfect to the max; not every “t” needs to be crossed and every “i “ dotted.  However, that doesn’t mean you stop being responsible, pursuing justice, or correcting a mistake.






We’re all human. So show grace towards others and yourself. It’s a process & eventually the goal will be reached.












If you want to be more humble, ask God to help you. He will show you because that’s His will for you.










If you choose not to humble yourself and remain prideful, then God will humble you        (and you won’t like it).






Humble yourself or God will do it for You




 There’s a difference between humbling yourself and God humbling you.






Humbling yourself shows you’re letting God be in control and He will be gracious to you.






But if you choose to be prideful and forget that God is in control, then He will humble you by taking away things from you without your permission.






That’s why you should humble yourself (and God will help you); but don’t cause God to force you to be humble.


It doesn’t matter who you are. God commands humility from all. Even kings must be humble or suffer the consequences.






In the Bible, God humbled every evil & prideful king or nation by dethroning and destroying them.






When you humble yourself, God will exalt you (lift you up) in His timing.






Check Out: Proverbs 16:18, 1 Peter 5:5