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God is Holy



What does it mean to be holy? Or what is holiness?




 It simply means to be set apart.




Therefore, one who is holy must be treated carefully.






Think of a special treasure, diamond, or something of high value to you (expensive clothing, hairstyle, china dish, etc.).






Would you treat that valuable item as if it was trash or mud?  No way you wouldn’t!


Of course not! You wouldn’t throw your pearls before swine because they’re precious to you.






God is the same way. He has the same feelings as we do. After all, we were created in His image.






Except, He’s more Holy and has higher standards & expectations and deserves all the attention, glory, praise, honor, worship, respect, and special, royal treatment.






God is Holy and so must His followers be too






 We are to esteem & value God and our relationship with Him in the same way and more.






His name is holy & we’re not to say it in vain (wave it around or use as a cuss word).






We’re taking His name in vain if we’re not talking or singing to Him or about Him.






It’s not that God is a mean God whom you can’t approach concerning issues in your life or doesn’t seem to care; nor is He a boring God that makes serving Him a chore and a miserable duty.






We live in a fallen, sinful world controlled by the devil. And in order to have fellowship with God, be in His protection, & eventually live eternally with Him in Heaven, we must worship Him through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and walk in holiness.






Only the Blood of Jesus on the basis of your faith & by God’s grace can make you holy.






You are a precious jewel to God. A rare find. A special treasure. More valuable than a diamond or a gold mine.






Therefore, be holy in your lifestyle (manners, behaviors, attitudes, speech, clothing, etc.).






This will show the world that you are unique & set apart (holy) for God.






We’re not to be like the world, the world is supposed to be like us. Be holy!






Check Out:  Leviticus 19:2,   1 Peter 1:13-16