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                                              TAKE AUTHORITY!




 Are you feeling like the odds are against you?





Feel beaten down by the world or even by the church?




You don’t have to. Take Authority!




To take authority simply means to be in control and have power over the issues/problems affecting you.





If you’re a believer in Christ, then know your rights! Jesus gave us (His believers) all power and authority over the devil & our problems.





You’ve Got the Victory in Christ





In Christ, you can do all things & defeat whatever bothers you.




In Christ, you have the victory and you are an over comer & more than a conqueror.






Know Your Enemy





Your #1 enemy is Satan & the demons, always. That’s where the defeat is coming from.






People are not the real enemies, but since Satan is a spirit, he uses people. We can’t see him, but we see his actions through them and are quick to fight & hurt others.





Of course, we should create distances between ourselves & others because Satan will try to use them to attack you.






Sometimes, we even have to end communication with others if you know the devil is using them to bring you down to defeat.






That’s what defeat simply means: to feel like you lost, beat down, over-stressed, depressed, brought down.






God wants you to have Victory




That’s not God’s will or His best for you to have defeat.





If you’re not a follower of Christ, then you won’t experience total victory.





True, there are non-believers who have much power & success in their lives. But they most likely had to work hard out of their own strength, got it through wrong way, or will only have it temporarily.






With Christ, all you have to do is believe and call on Jesus. He will defeat the situation & get the victory for you.






Victory simply means success and when good things come out of a situation.






When you’re victorious, you’re supposed to experience peace, confidence, and hope again.






Check Out: Romans 8:37, Luke 10:19