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 Grief simply means having much sadness; usually over the loss of someone or something special.






It’s a spirit and if it’s not controlled, it can take over you and open the door to depression and other evil spirits.






Yes, there’s a time to weep and grieve for the appropriate occasion; but don’t let it become your life and grip your soul.






Don’t make it a stronghold.






Give your Grief to Jesus






Give your sadness and depression to Jesus and He will give you peace and comfort.






He said “blessed are those who weep, for they shall be comforted”.






Comfort simply means being at rest & peace (even during hard, sad times).






Jesus is the answer to your problems.






There are many ways He can heal, comfort, and help you get over the grief. (Note: Getting over the grief doesn’t mean you forget the person you lost. It’s only to let go of that grief spirit).






One of the ways is by seeking Jesus more.






Seek God through His Word, prayer, church involvement, and other godly activities.






Example of handling Grief




The way I’ve gotten through grief was by staying busy for the Lord and continuing my daily routine.






I didn’t change my regular schedule; except for when I had to make trips to the funeral home for arrangements and attending the funeral service of my mom.






Other than that, I kept putting Jesus first and faithfully going to Bible study, church, outreaches, etc. nonstop.






God used that to heal me & if you call on Him in the Name of Jesus, then He will help you lose the grief to gain comfort.






Check Out: Psalm 30:5, Philippians 4:7