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Are you a blessing or a doormat?




To be a blessing simply means to be a big help. It can also mean to make a positive impact, influence, & inspiration on someone’s life which caused them to change for the better.




Those who walk in Christ are blessed to be a blessing.





We are used by God to be a vessel of blessings to others while being blessed ourselves.





However, being a blessing does not mean being a doormat.




A doormat is one who gets walked over by others while trying to be helpful.




God does not bless us to be doormats. After all, those in Christ are children of a royal, majestic King!





Yes, if you’re in Christ, you are royalty. We’re the head, not the tail.





Although it’s our role to lead others to the Door (Jesus), we’re not to let others treat us like doormats. That’s not God’s will.





Watch Out!





Unfortunately, there are people in this world who have or will try to manipulate or deceive you with their stories or emotions to get something out of you; especially if they know you are a believer in Jesus Christ.






Pray and ask God to direct you in whom to bless or how to be blessing.






Pray for discernment (telling the difference between good and evil).






Sometimes the person you’re helping may have good intentions, but might develop a habit of seeking your help too much instead of God’s.






Watch out for this. Regardless of whether it’s a problem for you or not, it’s a problem to God.






It’s a problem because that person starts treating you as the source of their help.






Only God is The Source






 Our dependency should always be God.






He not only makes us a blessing, but He blesses us so that others will glorify Him & come to His Son Jesus.






Jesus is our permanent Help (if we remain obedient to Him).






We’re only a short help to lead others to the Big Help.










If we let ourselves be overused & allow others to look to us constantly without stopping the matter, then it could lead to idolatry (putting something or someone before or over God).












Everyone must learn to go after God & lean on Him through their own free will.






Our God is a jealous God.






God will use us as a guide, coach, or nurse just to get that person back on the right track through serving, ministering, being the hands & feet of Jesus, & sharing or teaching them the Gospel of Jesus Christ.






That’s what we’re called to do: be a blessing!






Check Out: Deuteronomy 28